Forkchop provides a tagging system that you can use to organize recipes. You can use this system to emulate cookbooks or folders, but it is more flexible because a recipe can have more one than one tag at a time and therefore can be in more than one collection.

A tag is word or short phrase that describes a recipe. You can use tags to describe the type of dish ("breakfast" , "dinner"), the way it tastes ("spicy", "sweet"), or anything else you might want to describe about it ("favorite", "holiday").

Adding Tags to Recipes

When you edit a recipe, there is a place to enter tags near the bottom of the form under the heading "Tags". To add a tag, type something into the tag box and press the enter key. The tags will then be added to the recipe when you press the save button at the bottom of the form.

Using Tags to filter Recipes

Whatever tags you add to a recipe will appear under the recipe's name in recipe lists and also in the right column of the recipe list page. By clicking a tag name, the site will show you all of the recipes that have had that tag added.

Tags are also used when searching, so you can also search for a tag by typing it into the search box.